Surprising Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet

Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet

The dietary lifestyle of eating plants and slowly letting go of meats has plenty of perks that the common public may not know. These powerful perks go beyond just reducing your waist lines. Sticking to a plant-based diet and consuming plant-based food will widen your horizons in more ways than one, as we will learn in a few moments.

Here are the top benefits as to why you should go plant-based and give it a shot. Read on…

Not What You Think- It’s Easy

Plant-based diet doesn’t mean you need to turn into a horse and gorge on grass and greens all the time- It merely means eating more plants. You can add in your fair share of meats, egg, dairy and what not. It only boils down to your plate having 3/4th of it reserved solely for leafy greens.

Don’t confuse a plant-based diet to being vegan. The latter means you stay clear of all animal products like eggs, fish, meats and even honey; yes even milk is an animal product. For those who want their glass of fresh milk, then going for a plant-based diet is the best option. Integrating more plants into your diet is what a plant-based diet is all about, and not going plants-only.

You Can Lower The Risk Of Certain Diseases

Sticking to a prominently plant-diet means that you are 22% less likely to be obese. We feel the figure should be much higher. Have you seen an overweight person who eats just greens? Think not. Beyond the obvious benefits of weight loss, also links to lower chances of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases, and that is just the tip of the iceberg of what going plant-based can save you from.

Helps In Boosting Memory

Sticking to plant-based foods help in reducing the extent of degeneration of the mind. Bodily stresses and frequent swelling/ inflammation can increase the risk of neuro-degeneration, and sticking to a diet that minimizes the load on the body is paramount to reducing risk. This means that a plant-based diet fits in like a piece of the puzzle.

Easier On The Planet

Lower livestock production means nitrogen emissions reduced by a staggering 40% along with a 30% drop in the greenhouse emissions as well. Sticking to a plant-based diet means less demand for meat in the system, and which in turn would mean a reduced carbon footprint left behind. People are even growing their own produce in their backyards are throwing out the need for a middle man in the process altogether.