Sweetening Your Plant-Based Main Course Dishes Naturally

Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Dishes
Plant-Based Dishes

One of the challenges for someone who has made the shift to plant-based eating is to find alternatives to it. Some of the plant-based dishes may come as a surprise to many as even the most common of the kitchen staples—sugar—may not be used. How is it that you can sweeten your plant-based recipes if you cannot use refined and artificially created sugars and sweeteners?

We will tell you how. Read on…

Bring Out The Sugars By Caramelising Onions

Set the onions on a medium to high heat, and sauté it until it caramelizes. One of the ways you can speed up the process and draw out the moisture is by using crushed rock salt-sprinkle them on the onions as they are sautéing, and you can expect them to get done at half the time. Make sure to stir it occasionally for 5-7 minutes until it starts to brown. You can deglaze it by adding a bit of water, cooking wine or vegetable broth. You can reduce the heat and continue cooking for the next 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.  These are great toppings for veggies burgers, pizza, tacos, carrot dogs and casserole.

You Can Balance The Sauces With Vegetables

You can add in grated carrots, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes so as to balance the flavors of the stew or sauces without having the need to add in too much sugar. The fine shred of vegetables should pretty much melt into the sauce and you won’t get a hint of them at the end of the dish. You can also add in a few slices of ripe plantains.

Sweeten Your Cereal And Oatmeal

If you are looking for slightly sweet oatmeal, then non-dairy milk is a great addition. These are substitutes that you can use instead of water. But the issue is that plant-based milks are loaded with sugars. When making overnight oatmeal, you can make use of unsweetened non-dairy milk blended with raisins, spices and dates to get the right mix of flavors. You can blend the bananas with the dates, and add in water to soften them. You can make many decadent recipes with just a hint of creativity.

Enhance The Flavour Of Beverages

Unsweetened tea that is infused with mangoes, berries, apples and/or nectarines make for a satisfying and delicious drink. You can raise the hint of sweetness by adding in cherries and raisins as well.