Getting Your Much Needed Shut-Eye

Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal

Back in the hay days, staying up all night and watching the twilight skies turn to bright mornings used to be considered as ‘cool’. All we knew were university exams and broken sleep cycles. To be truthful, who has the time to be lying around and sleeping, right? This was how I used to think. As of today, my priorities have had a makeover, with sleep taking the top spot. Am I overreacting? Is my mid-life crisis striking faster than it should be? Not really.

Insufficient sleep can be the root cause of several illnesses and mental health conditions later on in life. As per the National Sleep Foundation, it is recommended that adults aged from 18 to 64 must get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night. To give you a jolt back to reality, there are recent studies that have shown insufficient sleep to be linked to Alzheimer’s. And that is just the tip, there is more to an iceberg than its tip. Depression, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity are right behind Alzheimer’s. Need I say more?

If you are someone who is taking their health seriously then sticking to plant based diet plans alone won’t be sufficient. Plant-based meal is to be mixed with healthy doses of exercises and great quality slumber. This is when your health and wellness are well-rounded.

How Can You Get Better Sleep?

There are a few strategies that have proven to be effective in inducing better sleep and they are:

No Screens At Least An Hour Before Bedtime

Your eyes being blinded by the blue light from TV and cell phone screens is screwing up with your circadian sleep cycle- this is the behavioral, mental, and physical response to light and darkness in your environment, which is primarily needed to induce sleep. Sleeping during the night and being entirely fresh and awake the next day is an example of the light-related circadian rhythm. To help your body identify that it is time to sleep, stop the use of screens 30 to 60 minutes before you crash for bed. All of the work that needs to be done can be done later, first some sound sleep.


Allow your body to be relaxed. Some of the ways to do this are to take a bath or meditate. Some others prefer to read. It keeps the brain lightly engaged after a long day, and lulls you perfectly to sleep. If there is one way to perfectly set the mood for sleep, it is reading.

Have Some White Noise Running 

If you are a sleeper who wakes up with every creak or passing car in the down below street, then having white noise can help. A light sleeper can make use of a white noise generator, which is commercially available. If not this then several mobile phone apps do the same thing. However, keep the smartphone away from your head.

Get Out Of Bed If You Can’t Sleep

If you are restless and are unable to get sleep, then get out of bed. Take a book along with you, get comfy on the couch, and start to read. Once your eyes start to get heavy, then you can drag your feet back to bed. It is sure to work on you like a charm.

Don’t Fool Around With Your Sleep Schedules

Staying consistent is the key to cementing your sleep schedule down. This includes weekends too. If you sleep at 11 pm on a Monday, then you are to sleep at the same time Friday as well. Breaking this schedule can cause your sleep to spiral out of control. However, what if you have work that needs for you to stay up late? Wake up at the same time. Take a 15-minute power nap in the afternoon, and you can make up for lost sleep the following night.

Take A Notepad Or A Journal To Bed

If your mind is racing and you just can’t put yourself to sleep, then the thing that could work on you is a pen and a notepad. In the case where there are too many thoughts running in your head, try writing them down for a change. This is proven to work, in slowing down your racing mind and getting them out of your mind. It will aid in promoting the much-needed shut-eye, together with making you feel less restless.

No Coffee Or Sugary Beverages

If you feel like having a snack, make sure it is strictly free of fried and processed foods. Also, staying away from coffee is a mandate for getting good sleep. Sugary drinks flood you with a sugar rush that is sure to keep you awake and restless. Stay miles away from all of these. Trust me, drinking normal water can work its magic!

Use these tips and tricks and you are sure to get better sleep at the get-go! Now, nestle into bed and dream away.